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Grove of Gears Website

Grove of Gears is one of my biggest projects ever, and a tremendous learning experience for both me and my brother, who is the co-founder.

I came up with the idea for Grove of Gears while having a discussion with Leisnier about his job at a car dealership. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could get auto parts drop-shipped?” and thus Grove of Gears was born.

If you were to visit the site now, you’d notice that there’s no auto parts offered as of the day of writing this. That’s because the process of designing the website, and the business model, was long and arduous. I had always been told, but I never quite believed, that starting a business was as difficult as it turned out to be. But it certainly is. However, all those trials and tribulations inspired some out-of-the-box solutions. Well, maybe not so out-of-the-box, but certainly distant from where we hoped to be. Still, even that is a valuable learning experience. I’m proud of where we are now, and in particular, the path that our site could take going forward.

The idea was to have a homepage for all auto-related activity. Buying parts, blogging about cars, and a support forum that would help you withyour troubles. Those were ambitious goals, but it was valuable to create a business model for that sort of business, and then re-designing it according to what we could actually do. And now we’re here, and we’ve made our first sale! Hopefully there are many more to come, and we could turn Grove of Gears into something bigger than it is. Something like what we had envisioned at the start, all those months ago.

At Grove of Gears I serve as the:

  • Webmaster
  • Web Designer
  • Business Architect (self-coined)